truck-repair-rogers-arIf dogs are a man’s best friend then trucks are most likely a close second. Truck owners know the convenience of being able to haul large quantities of anything really without having to rent a vehicle or even a U-Haul. No matter if you use your truck for work or play, here at Mike’s Auto Works, we know know how to quickly diagnose your truck and give you an idea as to what it will take to get it back to operating at its peak level of performance.

It is important to remember that towing heavy loads and driving long distance at one time can significantly shorten the time between necessary service intervals. This isn’t to say that you will need to have your truck repaired more often it just means that you might want to have your oil checked a bit more regularly. Check your owner’s manual for regularly scheduled maintenance suggestions. This will give you an idea of how often you should stop by Mike’s Auto Works to make sure that there are no issues with your truck. We can also provide you with a maintenance schedule that fits your schedule and budget based on your driving habits. This is all in an effort to make sure that you are operating a truck that is both safe and reliable.

We also work on antique vehicles from tractors, off road trucks, 4 wheelers and more.

Diesel Truck Repair in Rogers, AR

Diesel trucks are known for their power and longevity when compared to more conventional gasoline engines. Chances are you own a diesel engine if you use your truck to go from job site to job site and we know how important your truck is to your day to day life. As we mentioned above, we can provide you a maintenance schedule based on what you require from your diesel truck.

Regularly scheduled maintenance for your diesel truck will keep it operating for as long as possible and help prevent hazardous roadside breakdowns. Allowing our knowledgeable and friendly technicians inspect your diesel truck will also help keep more involved repairs at bay. We want to help you catch small leaks and cracks before they have a chance to become bigger problems later down the road.