brake-repair-rogers-arMost important safety feature your vehicle has to offer is your brakes. You will hopefully never have to rely on your airbags if your brakes are functionally properly. The truth of the matter is that the brake pads on you vehicle are meant to wear down. So if you are driving your car and you hear a squeak or squeal, don’t just roll up your windows, give us a call at Mike’s Auto Works where we can quickly perform a brake inspection and replace your brake pads before the rest of your braking system is negatively impacted from metal to metal contact.

Brake Pads in Roger, AR

Your brake pads perform a very important function. Not only do they help you stop your vehicle whenever necessary, they are also protect your braking system from the heat and friction that is caused by applying your brakes. Without your brake pads your brakes with make metal-to-metal contact that will warp the other components of your braking system.

Brake Flush in Roger, AR

Has it been a while since you’ve had your brake fluid inspected? This should occur according to your manufacturer’s specifications but if you bought your car, truck, or SUV second hand, it might be a good idea to have your brake fluid checked. Overtime and especially in older vehicles, contaminants can be introduced into your brake lines. This will cause your brake fluid to become acidic and damage the more vulnerable components in your braking system.

Anytime you notice that it is taking longer to stop than normal or your brake pedal feels spongy or sticky, give us a call at Mike’s Auto Works in Rogers Arkansas where we can quickly perform a brake inspection. You might not even need to change your brake pads but we can at the very least give you an idea of when you will have to have your brake pads replaced. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, it is always better to know more than less and to be safe rather than sorry. Let us be your one stop shop for all your automotive related needs.